Bar Muscle Up Progressions

  Day 1: 5 x 5 Chest to Bar Pull ups 5 x 8 Banded Pull Downs (Banded Pull Down Video) 4 x 25 Hollow Snaps (Hollow Snap Video) 20 x Jumping Box Muscle Ups (Jumping Box Muscle Up Video)   Day 2: 5 x 8 Bar Dips  (Banded Muscle Up and Bar Dip Video) or Cable Push Downs (Cable Push Down Video) 5 x 10 Beat Swings (Beat Swings Video) [...]

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Handstand Kick Ups

Handstand Kick Ups Before you attempt this: You must be able to hold a wall walk for at least one minute with your nose as close to the wall as you can. How to do it: Place hands close to the wall with first finger pointing straight, cup the ground with your hands Have one leg more forward then the other leg, the leg closer [...]

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What should be in your gym bag on competition day

Packing for a competition can be mildly stressful. Once you get there, if you've forgotten anything you've often got to rely on the goodness of strangers to fill the gaps in your equipment list. Typically the hosts of the competition will release a list of important items to bring with you. The day before the competition read any newsletters, emails, or watch videos they've released [...]

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Eating before and during a CrossFit Competiton

What to eat before a CrossFit comp and on the day Nutrition is so important leading up to a competition and just as important on the day.  You want to able to compete at your best and not feel lacklustre or ill to belly because you have eaten the wrong food or not enough food. Here is simple checklist to stick by to help you [...]

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Movement Hierarchy and Progressions

When you start CrossFit, you're not just going to be thrown in the deep end and told to do a muscle up. There is a method to the madness, and scaling is king. Check out the table below for the steps you should be taking to develop the more advanced movements we know you're all chasing. 

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May Active Hang Challenge

The challenge for May was a 2 Min active hang,  If you reached the two minutes the next progression was to hang with chin over bar with active shoulder depression. The point of this challenge was to improve grip strength and shoulder stability Here are the results

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Events Calendar

May Sunday 21st from 2pm - In house Weightlifting Competition - organised by West Coast Weightlifting Sunday 26th - Barbells, Burgers, and Regionals from 1pm Join us in giving this year's regionals workouts a go, followed by burgers and drinks and then watching the finest athletes in the pacific region competing to earn their place at this years CrossFit Games June Saturday and Sunday [...]

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Strength and Conditioning for Horse Riding Session 1

Warm Up/Mobility Exercises Upward and downward Dog Squat Hold at least 2 minutes Broomstick Wrist and Shoulder warm up Broomstick Pass Overs Technique Drills: Scapular Push Ups 3sets of 10 reps Squats bodyweight 4 sets of 15 reps (work on technique) Active Hangs and Pull ups (Hang for 1 min) Max Pull Ups Core Conditioning: Hollow Hold 5sets of 30 second holds Stretch: Hamstring stretch [...]

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First Day

We are now open for business and our exciting journey has now started!! Here is a little history about our new venue. We have two buildings one is 1 -3 Old aberdeen Place West Perth and the other is 3 -4 Cleaver Street. Aberdeen place was the original re store which is now on Oxford st in Leederville the building dates back to late 1940's, [...]

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