Nic’s Favourite Stretches

Here are my favourite stretches that work all over the body - Obviously I would reccomend adding in a few more stretches but these are my favourite ones that I try to get in every day Remember to hold all stretches for longer than 30 seconds and to breathe, if you are holding your breath you are pushing to hard, back it off a little and take deep breaths and relax into it, you can hold stretches for as long as you like Hamstring Stretch with rope I was always the worse at the sit and reach test when I [...]

Super Tips to Master your Double Unders

Top Tips to Master your Double Under’s They come up in a WOD and you curse as you know you are going to end the workout swearing at your rope, throwing the rope down in frustration, and worse of all the sight of the wipe marks across your legs and arms to remind you how painful double unders can be! Here are some tips and secrets on how to master those double unders, so you can say goodbye to having a higher ratio of leg lashes to double unders in a workout.   Tip 1: Start with single unders first [...]

Pull Up Homework

Levels: Level 1: No Pull Ups, Goal: 1 Strict Pull Up Level 2: Have 1 Strict Pull up, Goal 5 strict pull ups Level 3: Have 5 Strict Pull ups, Goal 7 – 10 Strict and 15 – 20 Kipping Level 4: Have 7- 10 Strict Pull ups, Goal Butterfly Pull Ups   Day 1: Day 2: Day 3: Videos of Movements: Please note have 1 rest day between pull up sessions Active Hang in Hollow Banded Pull Up Ring Row Hollow Hold Beat Swing Kipping Pull Up Hollow Rock Negative Pull Up Banded [...]

Bar Muscle Up Progressions

  Day 1: 5 x 5 Chest to Bar Pull ups 5 x 8 Banded Pull Downs (Banded Pull Down Video) 4 x 25 Hollow Snaps (Hollow Snap Video) 20 x Jumping Box Muscle Ups (Jumping Box Muscle Up Video)   Day 2: 5 x 8 Bar Dips  (Banded Muscle Up and Bar Dip Video) or Cable Push Downs (Cable Push Down Video) 5 x 10 Beat Swings (Beat Swings Video) 5 x 8 Banded Pull Downs   Day 3: 5 x 5 Weighted Pull Ups (Weighted Pull Up Video) 4 x 25 Hollow Rocks (Hollow Rock Video) 4 x 25 Arch Rocks (Arch Rocks Video)   Day 4: [...]

Handstand Kick Ups

Handstand Kick Ups Before you attempt this: You must be able to hold a wall walk for at least one minute with your nose as close to the wall as you can. How to do it: Place hands close to the wall with first finger pointing straight, cup the ground with your hands Have one leg more forward then the other leg, the leg closer to your hands will be the leg you push off from The leg further from your hands will act as a lever and move towards the wall Do a few push offs aiming to get closer [...]